Leasing & Rental

Reap benefits of owning a Ricoh equipment without enduring any extra expenses
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Stay Economical

Most businesses require some kind of printing equipment. However, purchasing equipment can be a significant expenditure of funds, particularly for industries that require a diverse range of equipment. Renting or leasing equipment is a more cost-effective option to meet a company’s equipment needs. And for a vast majority of businesses, the benefits of leasing equipment far outweigh the expenses of outright purchase.


Create contracts based on your terms and necessity

Easy to Manage

Manage any contracts on the equipment with ease
Leasing contracts on your terms
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Pay as you go

Pay for what you use; no need to pay for copies you don’t make. No minimums or overages –  don't overpay for what you don’t use.
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Flat Rate

Pay for all copies, toner and service in one flat rate. Get a predictable expense that won’t disrupt your budget.
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Cost per click Overages

Want to stick with a familiar program? We can provide that option and beat your current pricing. Contact us for better options.
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