Greenline Series

Greenline Series

Ricoh's Greenline series is considered a sustainable practice for businesses looking for strategies to improve their market image. it is one of the important means to achieve circular economy and improve the reuse of resources. When customers are looking for ways to save money, Ricoh’s Greenline series have become an increasingly popular way to cut down on costs without sacrificing quality.
Each product offered within the GreenLine Series of certified Ricoh printers and MFPs has been carefully selected, tested, restored, and retested to ensure they deliver superb, reliable performance. GreenLine Series devices must have proven track records and low meter readings. The remanufacturing process follows strict ISO 9001:2008 requirements with devices being certified, tested and updated with the latest software and firmware versions before they are made available with a like-new appearance.


disassembly & cleaning
Selected MFPs are disassembled down to their frames, cleaned and inspected. Circuit boards, power& supplies, and other parts are tested and repaired or replaced. Panels and casings are refinished and firmware is updated to the latest versions


rebuilding & testing
MFPs are reassembled, including a detailed chassis cleaningand mounting of refinished panels. Rigorous testing by Ricoh checks all papersources and special features during multiple test runs. Final testing isperformed by independent inspectors.


Quality control
Rebuilt devices undergo a thorough final inspection,including detailed visual inspection, extensive test runs, and shock hazardtesting in a factory certified to ISO14001:2015 environmental management.During final inspection, image quality is verified and samples are retained perour ISO9001:2015 quality management.